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Escape with books

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sweet on Wilde by Fabiola Fracisco

Sweet on Wilde
Release Date June 7, 2015
By Fabiola Francisco


Eight months ago, I made a deal with my best friend. This wasn't your typical pact. No, we had to take a different route. The deal was that if we were still single by fall, we would join online dating. Yes…now I am that girl. Just me, though, because she met a guy and saved herself from the awkwardness of dating people you meet via the Internet.

Cheesy pick up lines.
Inappropriate messages.
Disaster dates.

I don’t want to be "Savannah, profile 8713," but a pinky promise is a promise you keep. What I wasn’t counting on was meeting a guy at the local bar.

So what happens when you decide to open yourself up to new opportunities? You might just cross paths with someone who makes you believe in love. Parker Wilde brought out the best in me and understood the worst, but when an amazing opportunity presents itself and our lives take different directions, is being sweet on Wilde enough for us?

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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5 ++ Baseball Stars!! (you had me at "Baseball" Fabiola then you throw in a sexy man! Hello!!) #SwooningOverParker

From the moment we were introduced to Parker (a southern gentleman) and Savannah it was kindergarten all over again. That time when the boy pinches you, pulls your hair, calls you names all because he likes you. The banter between the two is sweet and cute and had my heartstrings singing a happy tune.

Parker is a sexy ex-baseball player and know how to run those bases! "Too bad I was hoping to cover some bases with you." Savannah owns her own sweet shop and knows how to pour on the sweet. Each character was very likable and you felt a connection between each page that you read. I could not flip pages fast enough because I was swooning over every word.

Fabiola did such an amazing job writing this story it is truly one of my favorites. From the first page you will be LOL I promise! I had to message her just to let her know she had me tearing up with the hilarious first paragraphs. It hits shelves on June 7th so be sure to grab it and see for yourself. Just remember Parker is all mine! ;)

"I'm hooked on Parker and he knows it"
B.O.B. Not needed! ;)

Happy Reading <3 

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