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Escape with books

Monday, February 16, 2015

Restoring Us by Fabiola Francisco *Blog Tour* 2/16/15

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Restoring Us
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 11, 2015
    RestoringUSSynopsis Two years. It’s been two long years since Ava packed everything and left the life she once knew far behind her seeking a new adventure. All, except for her broken heart. Once upon a time Ava and Ethan were in love. Their relationship was perfect, and they both planned a future together, filled with promise and hope. It wasn’t until an unwelcomed event storms into their lives, tearing their plans and dreams away; leaving Ethan broken and Ava unable to recover. Two years later, fate crosses their paths once again but the shadow of their haunted past lingers. Ava has slowly rebuilt her life, finally finding some normalcy in it. On the other hand, Ethan has sorted to releasing his guilt and remorse in questionable ways, but his thoughts never strayed from the memories of Ava. Will they get a second chance to rewrite their story, or will the pain and rejection be too much for Ava to bear and furthermore forgive? RestoringUSBuylinks


**5 Heart Melting Stars**

Wow let me just say I was stunned that I was grabbed so quickly in this book. I enjoyed it from start to finish. There was a few times I wanted to jump in the book and slap Ava and give run to  Ethan and give him a big bear hug. But then at time I kept saying Why? Why did you do that? 

The journey we get to share with these two is unlike anything. Being apart they have been through so much and as a couple they stand so much stronger.  True love is a blessing and you need to hold on to it and never give up. Ethan never gives up. But will it be enough to win back Ava's heart? You gotta dive in like I did and find out. 

I was able to feel each word the author wrote, she drives you in and holds you to each page. There's even a surprise at the end of the book! ;) 


 “It’s been a crazy ride, but I’d never give myself completely to anyone but you. You’re my everything, Ava.”


“You’re the only one that I want, that I’ve ever wanted. I just didn’t know how to deal.” 


    RestoringUSTeasers   Ava teaser- lost myself Teaser-hug tightly   RestoringUSAboutFabiola 51ILZexl0vL._UX250_Fabiola Francisco is an independent author from in Miami, FL. She has always enjoyed writing. When she was in her pre-teens, she began writing creatively. It was always a therapeutic way for her to express herself. She began with poetry, and throughout the years went expanding to short narratives until she finally decided to write a novel. Her love for books has inspired her to write her own story. She wrote Perfectly Imperfect to tell as story readers could relate to and grow with. She hopes to continue writing more stories to reach readers individually. Fabiola also loves expressing herself through art and being out in nature. On her spare time, she loves to cuddle with a good book and a glass of wine.   RestoringUSAuthorLinks
RestoringUSOtherBooks cover  
Mia is a strong, successful woman rising in her career. She has her best friend, Steph, by her side, and a taste for party and men. She also carries the burden of her past on her shoulders. That is until she meets Grayson, and he throws her off balance, causing her to feel emotions she's hidden under the surface for a very long time. Will she be able to finally open her heart to someone and blossom, or will her past continue to haunt her and keep her sheltered under the murky waters of those memories?
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