Escape with books

Escape with books

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy

Second Chance Boyfriend (One Week Girlfriend, #2)




My Review: 5 + Marshmallow
321 Pages/Series Book 2
Read in November 2014
Hero 5 (Drew) /Heroine 5 (Fabel)
Cover 5
Genre: Romance/New Adult/Contemporary 

Favorite Quotes:
"Loving someone is taking a constant risk with your emotions. When you find the right person, the one you know you want to be with, that person become worth the risk."

"True love isn't easy but it must be fought for. Once you find it, it can never be replaced."

Drew and Fable continue on trying to believe in what they started as just a pretend affair. Feelings get the best of them and it's a whole new ballgame for the both of them. There are so many issues and problems to overcome not only as a new couple but as individuals. Neither feel they are strong enough to face their problems but with the stability of a new relationship they can overcome anything as long as they have 

eachother. The word "Marshmallow" comes in handy a few times for them but they never backed down and stood their ground and always came through stronger. 
As love grows day by day they know they can not live with out one another, and that is the sweetest butterflies to have. 

Drew is sexy, sweet, compassionate and smart. Fabel is strong, witty, loving and funny.

I was so excited to finally get to this book and once I did I could not put it down. This series is a must read and I will be purchasing the paperback to add to my favorite bookshelf. Hoping maybe one day to meet Monica Murphy and get them signed. She has a new fangirl to add to her list! You should get on this bus too you won't wanna get off! xx


**Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual content and language, mature subject matter**

New Adult Contemporary

Lost. That one single word best describes my life at this very moment. I lost the last games of the season and both my team and my coach blame me. I lost the last two months because I drowned in my own despair like a complete loser. And I lost the only girl who ever mattered because I was afraid being with me would destroy her.

But now I realize how truly lost I am without her. She has become my story…and even though she acts like she’s moved on, I know she still thinks about me just as much as I think about her. She’s beautiful, sweet—and so damn vulnerable, all I want to do is help her. Be there for her.

Love her…

If only I could convince Fable to give me a second chance. Then I wouldn’t feel so lost anymore, and neither would she. We could be found together.


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