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Escape with books

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Memory Betrayal by Deborah Ann

Memory Betrayal (Memory Betrayal, #1)


Memory Betrayal is the story of college student Elliana Brandt and her twist of fate journey with wealthy CEO Grayson Dane.

Elliana Brandt avoids men like Grayson Dane as one would the plague.

Womanizer Grayson Dane has never met a woman he didn’t like, or that he couldn’t have.

So when a chance meeting brings him to her rescue and disinterested Elliana simply thanks him afterwards and leaves, stunned Grayson goes out after her, snatches her from the sidewalk before she can hail a cab, and forces her into his Escalade, unaware of the tragedy he was about to inflict on her, or that he’d wake up in a hospital bed, her at his side, with everyone under the impression that she is his wife. Including Elliana herself.

The ball was already rolling, what could he do…?

Share Elliana and Grayson’s story of unexpected love, betrayal, heartbreak, past secrets, and healing.

In addition to Memory Betrayal, Deborah Ann is the Author of The Destiny Series, a Young Adult Romance Series.

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"Do you think that could ever be us...that you could ever trust me enough? Enough to spend your life with me?"- Grayson Dane

Genre: Young AdultRomanceContemporary

Read in: July 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Review:

Can true love and your soul mate be based on a fake marriage set up just by not telling the whole truth?
I was happy for Grayson and Elliana to find their "Wedded Bliss" but a part of me had my eyes closed waiting for something big to hit the fan knowing it is going to be a big mess to clean up. Grayson is just happy to get his "Angel" any way he can. But will it be enough?
Can't wait to see what their future holds!

Deborah is such a kind, sweet person with a big heart and I'm so happy to be able to call her a friend! Congrats on your book So glad I finally was able to read this. I highly recommend it!

About the Author:

Deborah Ann lives in Northern California with her husband and their two children, and has enjoyed a long career in the Beauty Industry, before writing The Destiny Series.

After years of reading with her children and passing on a love for books, Deborah was inspired to write the Destiny series. What started out in the beginning, as a celebration of a loving, young, innocent friendship, and the affecting separation after a move, spun into a mythical journey of the loving binds of friendship, deep family ties, and an intoxicating fairy tale romance, with the power of love that knows no bounds.

Deborah Ann is also the Author of the new contemporary romance, Memory Betrayal.

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