Escape with books

Escape with books

Monday, October 13, 2014

Q&A with Author Deborah Ann

I just want to thank Author Deborah Ann  for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for her readers. I know she is a busy mom, wife, and author so I greatly appreciate it. So as she leaves her writing cave for a few minutes let's dive in..shall we?

Danielle-So when I was in college I loved to listen to music to get me pumped up for midterms...

What gets you pumped up in your writing cave?

 Deborah-I too am motivated by music, and it sparks story and scene ideas for me. But when I am really

on a roll, I prefer quiet surroundings, to hear my own thoughts—because I’m all in my head!

Danielle- What is the name of the first book you wrote?

 Deborah-  began with ‘Destiny’, the first book in my Young Adult Series, about athletic, high school

honor student Danielle Kennedy, and Cayden Bridwell, the shy brainy boy she’s ignored since


Destiny (Destiny, #1)


Danielle Kennedy is not one to believe in fairy tale love or destiny holding a plan for

the future, nor does she believe in mythical legends, vampires, or spirits...

At sixteen, athletic, honor student Danielle has her life planned out: study hard, play

soccer even harder, and slide through high school under the radar. It was a good plan,

a solid plan, one that’s worked so far; until Cayden Bridwell—the longtime shy and

brainy classmate she has ignored—rides in on his motorcycle and obliterates her plans.

Now, life as Danielle knows it, will never be the same.

Wealthy Cayden—only recently coming into his own and learning the shocking truth,

that as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, he is the chosen one, gifted with powers—

has shyly stood back and watched unassuming and unsuspecting Danielle, grow into

the beautiful girl she is, knowing all along of their destiny to be together, and waiting

for the time to be right. After his rapid growth spurt and realizing his full powers and

strength, that time is now! Cayden is intent on winning her heart.

But the euphoria of their intoxicating attraction is soon shadowed by despair; neither

are prepared for the danger that will ensue, the lives that will be at risk, or the secrets

they will be forced to keep, when they discover that destiny’s gifts come with a curse,

opening their world to nightmares that become reality and mythical legends that become

real, with immortal beings seeking to sway Cayden to the dark side to steal his eternal

soul and powers—including Danielle, as his destined soul mate...

Destiny is a sweet and intoxicating, over-the-top, fairy tale romance with a

paranormal twist, and the first book in the Destiny series.

Come fall in love with Danielle and Cayden, as they discover the power and passion

of an all-consuming first love and fight to protect each other and the life they were

destined for...

Fate's Path (Destiny, #2)

‘Fate’s Path’ book two in the Destiny Series

Destiny has set their path, now fate will challenge them with another...

When fate’s curse sweeps upon Danielle and Cayden, the secrets behind their

destiny begin to be revealed...

Separated by miles for the first time, and Cayden’s premonitions warning him of the

life threatening danger Danielle is in, Cayden is desperate to get back to her, but suffers

an unfortunate accident en route, landing him in a hospital bed, unconscious, and

leaving Danielle vulnerable.

When Danielle’s parents force her to leave Cayden’s bedside and return to school,

she is befriended by a new student. But Parker is no ordinary new student, he is one of

the vampire twins that have been torturing Danielle in her thoughts, day and night, the

boys she suspects are coming after her to avenge their parent’s death. Question is, is

Parker the protector, of the two, or the predator? Only time will tell...

Will they be able to fight the darkness seeping in and swaying them, or give in to the

power and passion of their all-consuming love, risking Cayden’s pure soul and crossing

them to the dark side...?

Come share their journey, as Danielle and Cayden continue to discover the power of

their love, and fight to protect each other and the life they were destined for...

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Danielle- Where did your inspiration come from to pick up your first pen and let us into your book world?

Deborah- In the back of my mind, the thought was always there; the want to write a novel. Lack of

confidence and time, were deterrents over the years. But the real inspiration came when, by

chance, I snatched my daughter’s Twilight book, to pass the time while she was at soccer

practice. She’d read them all, and was a huge fan. That lit a spark in me, and reminded me how

much I used to love to read. I had been so busy being a mom, and reading with my two kids,

that I had forgotten that about myself: that I loved to get lost in a book world. That gave me the

push to put pen to paper, and the ideas flooded in from there. I pulled out some notes and pages

from an earlier attempt, did some research, and it morphed into ‘Destiny’ from there. I promised

myself that I would see it through, to the final page.


Danielle- Are any of your romantic scenes from Memory Betrayal related to personal experiences?

 Deborah- Oh gosh... Off the top of my head, no. Though there may be pieces of personal traits and life

experiences threaded through my stories and characters.

Memory Betrayal (Memory Betrayal, #1)

 That’s the fun, about writing and creating characters, putting yourself in someone else’s

shoes. Acting and behaving as that character would, in scenes you’d typically not experience in

reality. Just as it is when one escapes in a delicious book while reading.

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Danielle- Do you see writing as a career?

Deborah- I see it, and hope it’s in my grasp. It certainly is my dream.

Danielle- Do you design your own bookcovers?

 Deborah- I do design my own book covers, with the help of my daughter—when I can pin her down.

She’s a wizard with Photoshop. (Me, not so much.) I usually have a vision for the cover before

I have completed writing the book. I sketch a design up, then together we create, each eyeing it

and throwing in little idea changes. We usually agree well when designing the look, and have

similar creative thoughts and ideas.


Danielle-  What are you currently working on? Can you tease us just a little?

 Deborah- Of course. I have just completed a stand-alone adult romance "The Deal" – that might be considered erotic...?

To be Released but you can add to your TBR list now


Danielle- What authors do you admire or inspire you?

 Deborah- Ok, going back to Twilight, I love Stephanie Meyer’s story and feel she inspired many, as

well as myself. I think she, and J.K. Rowling, gave confidence and hope to writers—those who

lived normal, everyday lives and who dreamed of having their work published— made it an

attainable reality.

More currently, there are some self-published authors whose success I admire, but the author

I most admire, is Sylvain Reynard. He simply writes beautifully. So romantic and eloquent.


Danielle- Do you prefer E-reader or Paperback?

 Deborah- I love actual, tangible books, always have. The look, feel, and design are so much more

elegant. But, typically, I read on my kindle or iPad. Content is so readily available, and, I don’t

know what it is, but I can stay up all night, literally, when I am reading a digital copy. My eyes

just don’t get as tired, as with print.


Danielle-  Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? (I'm Team Edward)

 Deborah- Lol... I am team Edward, all the way. That soul deep love Edward had...I am a sap for that.

Well, and he was beautiful, too.


Danielle-  What are the last 3 books you have read?

 Deborah- Right now, this week, I’m mostly proofreading my own new romance book. But I sneak in

the occasional read, just finished reading ‘That Man’ bk 1 & bk 2. Before that, ‘Wallbanger’,

and ‘The Billionaire’s Obsession series’.


Danielle- What do you like to do in your free time?

 Deborah- I enjoy spending time with my family. My son and daughter are both in college, but still live

at home with us, which keeps things pretty lively around our house. I attend all of my son’s

sporting events—right now that’s college football. We just bought kayaks, as a new family

activity to enjoy in our free time. I enjoy going to the movies, and I watch a little TV, though

I am not very good at sitting still, so I am usually doing something else at the same time. But,

truthfully, I spend most of my peaceful free time, writing: write, write, write, read, read, read. It

is my obsession.


Danielle- Anything you would like to say to your readers?

 Deborah- Absolutely. I would like readers to know how thankful I am, for the chance to touch them

with a story I’ve written, to share the world I created and characters that I love, if only for a few

moments in time.

That it means everything to me, when a reader reaches out to share how much they enjoyed

one of my books, and related to or fell in love with the characters. Or to just hear how they GOT

what I was trying to put into words, FELT what I was trying to express. That, is an amazing


And, that I’m just getting started...


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Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my Q&A. I wish you the very best! XX

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